About Shannon

Watercolor Artist, Twitch Streamer & Voice Actress

I am an illustrator, seamstress, and voice actress. Born and bred in sunny Southern California in the late 80’s and currently residing in the not so sunny Lake District, United Kingdom.

My time is split between my watercolour graphic novel, Tempest Red, Twitch Live Streaming & Voice Acting; I’ve even been known to pick up a commission on occasion – so feel free to drop me a message.

My biggest inspirations are the cultures of the world, both old and new, ancient mythology, various video games, fantasy stories, Yoshitaka Amano, and Alphons Mucha.

If you want to follow my endeavours, follow me on Instagram, Twitch, Twitter or Facebook.

Tempest Red

My watercolor novel Tempest Red, a dark fantasy graphic novel (akin to The Dark Crystal & Lovecraftian Tales).

Tempest Red

Live Streaming

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday I do live art streams over on Twitch.tv, if you would like to join in, come join us!

Twitch Page