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Watercolor Comic Books, Anthologies and Artwork

Wondering what I do?

I am an illustrator, seamstress, and voice actress. Born and bred in sunny Southern California in the late 80’s and currently residing in the not so sunny Lake District, United Kingdom.

My time is split between my watercolour graphic novel, Tempest Red, Twitch Live Streaming & Voice Acting; I’ve even been known to pick up a commission on occasion – so feel free to drop me a message.

Lets make something amazing together

Need a Family or Pet Portrait? Fan Art? Book Illustration or Concept Art? - I can help!

Latest from Moonsquidink


Voice Acting

In 2014 I started on a new endeavor and discovered a passion. I find voice acting an incredible creative outlet.

Voice Acting


I'm a traditional watercolor artist, specializing in a fantasy and a semi-realistic stylization.


Tempest Red

"Tempest Red" is my heart's work, an original fantasy graphic novel project made with watercolors.

Tempest Red

Live Streaming

I do live Art streams over on Twitch.tv on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Come get involved!

Live Art Streams